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Good Afternoon, 

My name is Keith and I'm currently having some issues with certain instrument changes in my Sibelius scores using VDL. I have a fairly large score consisting of 21 instruments.  I have four instance kontakt 5 available.  I have programed instruments changes that work on the vibes to slapstick, vibes to vibrslap and from a concert snare to a piccolo snare.  

However....I am trying to program an instrument change from Rack Combo A & B to Thundersheets.  These are not working for some reason.  Any help would be greatly appreciate it.  

My set-up includes:

MacOS High Sierra

Sibelius 7.1

Kontakt 5

VDL 2.5

Korg Microkey

Has this issue been solved already?


The instrument change will only take effect after you have played from a measure or two before the change. have you tried that yet? It may be time to consult the guys at The Write Score. They may be able to solve this Sibelius integration mystery.

Hey Luke, 

So i finally got a chance to try what you said.  I made the change in Sibelius, then I went and opened my last Kontakt Instance, loaded the Thumdersheet in manually.  Played in the part on the staff.  However, it still automatically loaded a Rack Combo B and playback came out as a Concert tom.  

Any suggestions?



Hey Keith! 

In my experience, I have always had to add the instrument change sample in Kontakt manually after changes like this. I would suggest adding the change as you mention. However, after you make the change, load the sample manually in the last instance of Kontakt Player that uses VDL samples. I have had success getting things to work using that method. 

Let me know how it goes. 

Hey Luke, 

Normally when I load an instrument change, I'll go through Sibelius's instrument change selection process, select the instrument and kontakt would automatically load the right instrument in the Knotakt instance and all was fine.  For some reason when I try to load a thundersheet into the rack combo A staff, kontakt will load a rack combo B instrument into the kontakt instance instead of thundersheet and this instrument comes back sounding like a concert tom

I have actually try to load the instrument myself, which then also sounds like a concert tom.  I then tried to load this instrument myself and find the correct midi channel for the correct playback sound.  That didnt seem to work either.  Its odd, because other changes work just fine.  For instance, I have a vibe player playing a vibraslap, load the change into Sibelius, Kontakt finds the right insturment and playback sounds like a vibraslap.  

I've loaded some screens shots in the hopes that it might help.  The first screen shot is my kontakt 2 instance, it loaded a rack combo B instead of thundersheets.  play back sounds like concert toms.  The second screen shot is the score itself and where i loaded the instrument into.  

Thanks a lot, 


Hi Keith! 

Thanks for the screenshots! I don't see the instruments in question loaded in any of the Kontakt windows. When you add the instrument change, make sure you also load the instrument your are changing to in the Kontakt instance as well. Generally, I have noticed that is the last Kontakt instance. However, you will want to open up the mixer and double check where each instrument is assigned. 

Let me know if that helps! 

Hi Luke, 

Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner and thanks for helping me out with this issue.  As of now, my four instances are not filled up entirely.  I have attached screen shots of the four instances.  So far all of my instrument changes have worked except for...

Wing Gong

Bowed Gong


I've been trying to add these following instruments to Rack Combo A and BD/Gong Combo.  Actually these instruments havent worked on any other staff in the score.  




I would be happy to help. If possible, please fill out a support ticket at I should be able to isolate the problem. 

My first guess is you may need to add some additional instances of Kontakt Player. The four instances can fill up fast if you are using 21 instruments and several instrument changes. Also, make sure the last Kontakt Player instance has the instrument you are changing to loaded.

I'll look forward to hearing from you! 



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