The next gen Finale26 VDL templates

 You all may have seen my Facebook post regarding feature requests, productivity enhancements, fixes, etc. I'm starting a thread here for Finale/VDL users to post any responses.

If you have any thing you'd like to see happen with the templates feel free to reply with as much detail as possible. As responses grow, please check to see if others have already made a request similar to yours. If a similar request has already been made, reply to the original reply request. I'm looking for a way to gauge interest in a request or repeatable issues.

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Just to start things off....

Currently there are 3 templates in the package that you purchase from The Write Score, a Battery Only, Full Battery/Front Ensemble, and a Default. So the first question is, is 3 template files too many? not enough? the wrong instrumentation? something else?

I settles on this configuration because a Battery only template seemed to be an obvious option. It requires the most initial set up of MIDI percussion maps and layouts. I was hoping to make it as easy as possible for writers to get started. The Default also seemed like a good idea for a writer who needs to create custom scores and has a more comfortable Finale experience level. The Full Battery/FE score is a bit more of a challenge. Not to create but to anticipate user needs and changing trends in arranging, scoring, and composition.

Now... respond away.... and Thanks for the input and using my product.

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