Missing XML file

Hey guys, The Write Score website doesn't look like it's being kept up anymore. Making account for their forum is disabled. Perhaps you guys can help me?

I have my XML files in the right location. But only the S7S one shows up, the VDL one doesn’t show up at all. I’ve tried restarting my computer and several other things, but I can’t get it to show up. 

I have the latest version of Sibelius and Kontakt (full) as well as the latest version of Mac OS X.

I’ve attached some screen shots. Could you help me out?

I'm having the same issue, in the Kontakt Sound Set drop down menu in audio engine options, VDL is not included in the list. I put the .xml file template in the sounds folder, installed vdl with the serial number in Kontakt using Native Access, but still can't find VDL here.

What is the exact version of Sibelius you are using? This is important due to older versions of Sibelius not recognizing newer versions of Kontakt. Here's a chart that lists the compatible versions:


That must be it, I'm running 7.1.0 and trying to use Kontakt 6. I'll try using Kontakt 5 instead. Thanks for your help!

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