Conflicts with Mac Mojave and Sibelius and VD?

Has anyone discovered conflicts with Mac Mojave and Sibelius and VD?

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I actually resolved my problem; thank you though Bill.

Owen, what's the path to the folder that has the VDL samples?

I have a new Macbook Pro with Mojave and I've had a lot of trouble linking my VDL library with Kontakt 5. I have the library installed and whenever I re-add it to Kontakt, the program insists the files aren't there when they're clearly in their right locations. I've been trying for the past hour or so trying different versions of Kontakt and nothing seems to work on Mojave. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you Bill for the reply. 

I'm on Sibelius 8 and haven't had any problems with it working on Mojave.

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