Macintosh OS9: Using Finale and Kontakt/Kompakt

Since both Finale and Kontakt are are still only available in OS9 format, we'll outline this process for Finale users using Kontakt (or Kompakt) as the soundfont playback device. In order to do this, you'll need OMS properly installed (included with your Finale disc) and configured with the IAC bus #1 activated (IAC stands for "inter-application communication" and is controlled by the OMS IAX Driver found within your System Folder>OMS Folder).

Here'show to set your system up:
1.) Open Kontakt (or Kompakt) on your OS9 Macintosh. This should automatically launch OMS as it starts up.

2.) Go to the "MIDI Settings" window in Kontakt/Kompakt and verify that OMS is selected for "Selected MIDI System."

3.) If you see "? IAC Bus #1" as an Available Input (in the left-hand field), double-click it so it appears in the "Receive Inputs From" field (on the right-hand side). Don't worry about checking the "MIDI Through" box at this point.

4.) Create your Virtual Drumline instruments in Kontakt/Kompakt, and route them each to a separate MIDI channel (the little "omni" menu for each instrument should give you 16 different channel choices). Once you have created your instruments, it's advised to save this Kontakt file. Note: to save a Kontakt file, click the "load/save" button and navigate to "save" then "multi." Upon the saving process, you may notice a white screen for a minute. Be patient as this is simply a glitch that happens during the saving process in Kontakt. Keep Kontakt/Kompakt running in the background.

5.) Open the Virtual Drumline template in Finale (available here for users of Finale 2002 and greater). Go to Finale's "MIDI Setup" window. Select "Open Music System" as the MIDI System, and select "NI Kontakt/Kompakt" as the output device for channels 1-16. Set your input device to whatever you are using to enter your notes into Finale.

6.) Open Finale's "Instrument List" window, and be sure that the staff channels coordinate to the same channels that were assigned within Kontakt (i.e. snares= channel 1, tenors = channel 2, etc.). Note: don't worry that the "GM" column lists instruments such as piano, accordian, etc. Since the Virtual Drumline sounds DO NOT use General MIDI, you can simply ignore this column.

7.) Important: Be sure to DE-SELECT the "Internal Speaker Playback" option from within Finale.

BUG ALERT! Once you have Finale correctly accessing the soundfonts from Kontakt/Kompakt, you'll be working in a newfound state of bliss with your new Virtual Drumline sounds. However, if you happen to go back into Kontakt/Kompakt (which has been running in the background), you may notice that once you return to Finale to resume working, your sounds no longer play. Luckily, we've discovered a work-around for this. Simply open the "MIDI Setup" window in Finale, then click "OK" (don't alter any settings). By doing this, it somehow re-activates the communication between Finale and Kontakt/Kompakt. We are uncertain whether or not this bug originates from Finale, Kontakt, or OMS, but nonetheless, once you've setup Kontakt/Kompakt to play your sounds to your liking, you shouldn't have to access it very often while writing in Finale.

Note for Finale users: If you are hearing random general midi sounds when you try to input notes into Finale (rather than the loaded soundfonts), be sure to check and make sure the "Internal Speaker Playback" option from Finale is NOT selected.
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