Assigning channels in Reason

how do you add channels in Reason???

"Open up your SoundFont program (Kontakt or Reason) and load each of your desired Virtual Drumline Samples and assign them to apporpriate (and unique) channels (ie: channel 1 = snares, channel 2 = tenors, etc.) eason?"
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At the top of your Reason window, there is a section that says "MIDI IN DEVICE." Set Channel 1 to the Snare, Channel 2 for Tenors, Channel 3 for Bass, and Channel 4 for cymbals.

This is of course assuming that you have loaded your Virtual Drumline soundfonts into four separate "NN-XT Advanced Samplers" (from the "create" menu) within the Reason program.

To make this easier to identify, you can name each NN-XT by clicking on the strip of tape that appears on the left side of its console. Once you've named it, that's the name you'll see in the channel menus.

Hope this helps!
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