Help with VD and Sibelius

Need help. I've exhausted the vd readme and help files and still having trouble getting soundfonts to play back on Sibelius. I am able to get the sounds to playback on the keyboard in Audio HQ (soundblaster live), though. I used a midi keyboard to enter notes on the vd template.sib file. Any advice? Thanks.
yep all set now! But one more thing, how will be possible for me to play my normal sounds in sibelius, because now when i try to playback melodic files, I get nothing
Your other sounds (pit, winds, etc) should be accessed from another bank in your sound card. The stock sounds that come on that card were likely loaded into bank 000, so as long as you loaded Vdrumline into a different bank (i.e. 001), all you'd need to do for a flute part (for example) would be to set it to the same device as your battery staves - BUT be sure to set "bank high" to 0 rather than 1.

I am having a very similar problem, but mine is compounded. When I try to play the VD sounds through the Audio HQ keyboard my computer shuts down and even dumped my sound card one time. The sound fonts are loaded correctly so I don't know why I can't access the sounds. Can anyone help?
Could be a memory problem. How much RAM do you have in your computer?
I have 256MB of RAM.
That's probably the problem. In using larger soundfonts such as the ones that come with Virtual Drumline, it's recommended to have 512mb RAM.

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