Can virtual drumline work with the Mozart

Can virtual drumline work with Mozart Virtuoso music notation software? i've been trying to load the virtual drumline soundsfonts into mozart to no avail. can someone help me out?
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We haven't used the Virtual Drumline sample library with Mozart Virtuoso before, but it should work. The thing to realize is that these samples are NOT loaded into a music notation program. They're loaded into a separate program (or soundcard) that can accept SoundFonts or GigaStudio samples. Such programs are: Kontakt, Kompakt, Reason, GigaStudio, and Creative Labs SoundBlaster soundcards. Your notation program would in turn access its sounds from the sample playback device you are using.

Both Sibelius and Finale have a percussion mapping feature that enables you to enter a MIDI pitch for playback (i.e. G#6 for a right-hand snare hit), but then display on staff in an appropriate staffline (i.e. B4 would be the center staff line to display all snare notation on). Using percussion mapping, the notation program (Finale/Sibelius) is playing a multitude of MIDI pitches (to access the multiple samples for realistic playback), but they display in a way that a player can read them.

We suggest you refer to your Mozart documentation or tech support to see if there are any percussion mapping features in that program.
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