SoundBlaster 16 PCI

Will a SoundBlaster 16 PCI work for Virtual Drumline?
I'm not sure. I know the SoundBlaster Live 5.1 has worked for other users, but I didn't see a SoundBlaster 16 on the CreativeLabs website. You might want to check with them and see if that card will support soundfonts. If it does, you should be good to go.

Are the SoundBlaster series the only cards that have the soundfont capability?

I have an old Aureal card and was wondering if that would work.

If not I just need to use one of those "other" programs too right, Kontact / Reason?

Thanks in advance for any answers.
Here's a listing of soundfont compatible hardware devices listed on the creative labs soundfont site:

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Series of Audio Cards
Creative Labs SBLive! Series of Audio Cards
Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI512
Creative Labs AWE Series of Audio Cards
Creative Labs BlasterKey MP3
E-MU Audio Production Studio
E-MU E-Card
E-MU 8710 (PCMCIA card)

SoundFonts were initially created by EMU for Creative Labs, so it's no surprise that the main soundfont devices are made by these two companies.

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