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If I try to load the "large" soundfont bank in Cakewalk Music Creator 2003 it loads but clicking on keys in the piano roll (as well as certain other functions) presents me with a beautiful sky blue screen dump.

The medium and small banks have yet to crash on me.

Win 2k, P1.4ghz processor + 256 mb RAM.

I've disabled most of the resident programs/utilities that come up with my OS but it still pukes.

Anyone have thoughts?

I'm a mac guy, so I'm not really familiar with Cakewalk, but I have a hunch this might be a memory limitation. The large VDrumline soundfont bank is 106MB alone. Add this to whatever RAM is needed to effectively run the Cakewalk software, as well as Windows, and I think you may be a little limited.

To be sure though, I'd suggest contacting the support folks for Cakewalk, and let them know you're having problems using their software in conjunction with a large soundfont bank on your particular configuration. They should probably be able to confirm if you indeed have limited memory to run the "full" soundfont bank.

Anyone else have experience with Cakewalk Music Creator 2003?

Thanks Jim.

That's my suspicion too, althought I never checked the resource levels in the OS. I will do that tonight.
I kicked off the Performance Monitor in Win2k and when I loaded the "Full" soundfont bank it nearly bottomed out. So I just ordered another 512mb RAM.

I'll let you guys know how it works out.
Adding another 512mb of Ram to my existing 256 did the trick. I can run the software now without the pc puking.

Thanks for the help.
That's great Dave! More memory is always a good thing! Glad that cleared everything up for you.

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