Do You Have To Have A MIDI Keyboard??

Do you have to have a midi keyboard?? If not how can I put my sounds in................(As you can tell im having lots of problems)

Yes, you should have a midi keyboard. It sounds like maybe you could have benefitted a little from doing some reading about FAQ's in advance to give you a better idea of what you're getting into. This sort of thing is not as "plug and play" as we'd like (yet). Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" link on the VDrumline support page at:

Basically, each instrument has several octaves of sounds available. To get these octaves to appear correctly on the staves (so you aren't scattered with leger lines), the Finale template has been created so that when you enter your PITCH via a midi keyboard, it will display properly in the notation (so it is readable by the performer). But as far as Finale is concerned, it's receiving information for several octaves-worth of midi pitches.

If you can get by without using the more "advanced" sounds, then you will be fine without a MIDI keyboard. I have been fine without one and I have been able to implement everything I have wanted to including gocks, stick clicks, skanks, rim/shell hits, buzzes, muffled hits, etc.
Tap Space is now selling the Midiman Oxygen 8 keyboards. These are very compact and conveniently attach to your computer directly through USB. Considering many good MIDI keyboards can be really expensive, $145 is a great deal!

Check it out here:

Plus, if you select the VDrumline "bundle" option when purchasing this keyboard, you save an extra 20 bucks on Virtual Drumline!

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