left hand tenor?

does any one else's left hand tenor hits sound weird?
My Left Hand Hits sound weird also
Yes my left hand hits also sound weird. Any Idea?
yup mine too
Can you guys describe which exact LH hits sound strange (drum 1, 2, 3, 4 etc), or is it all of them? Also, can you elaborate on what exactly they sound like, and what program (and sample format) you are using? I'm wondering if they may be getting a little screwy in some sort of conversion process. This is certainly not the expected behavior...

All of my left hands are sounding weird. It is just strange that it is not sounding like the right. Like it is two different pitches. I am using Finale 2003 and SoudBlaster Live.

It is like the left hand stick sounds broken.
ive only noticed it on drum 3, the rest are a little different, but no more than the different between snare left and right. but on drum 3 with the left hand sounds weird
using finale 03 saound font through a creative sound blaster
I agree - the left hand sounds almost muted.
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