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I know....but I can't get my soundfonts loaded properly into Finale. I have them loaded and used the walkthrough or whatever you wanna call it that is posted on this site. I have the snare working fine, but the problem comes when loading the tenors, and basses. The tenors sound really low, and if I place a note in the top space of the staff I get no sound....same thing on the bass staff (Hope this makes sense, it's kinda hard to explain) Is it possible for someone that has this figured out to post a template of this setup for the rest of us. Will this work (Just saving a new document without a title,composer name and or copyright date) Just curious if this will work,or would it be dependant on the soundcard setup. Curious to know!

In case it's needed I'm using a

Athlon 650
512megs of Ram
SB Audigy MP3+ Soundcard
Finale 2003
Are you using the drumline template provided?

Cobybos is right. You should use the TapSpace Finale template. You can download it at this link (in the "finale users" section):

Also, you should enter your notes with a MIDI keyboard. If you are just pointing and clicking on a staff, Finale doesn't necessarily know what note (MIDI INPUT PITCH) you really want. For example, say you want to enter in a note for tenor drum #1 on the treble clef "E" space. You wouldn't enter in an "E" into Finale, you'd enter a C#4 (right hand) or a C-nat4 (left hand) through your MIDI keyboard. If you're using the template, Finale will automatically know to place these input pitches onto the correct staff line for display.

Hope this helps,
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