Virtual Drumline Help!!!

Hi, everyone. I mostly use sibelius so I guess this is more directed towards that. I installed the full verison of KONTAKT and VIRTUAL DRUMLINE last night. I have the MIDI MAN, USB 61 key keyboard, and a GATEWAY laptop, and I was having so much trouble getting my midi settings to read the sound settings in sibelius. At about 3am, I finally got most of the sounds to play back in Finale 2003. But I dont wanna use that. :cry: LOL I had trouble even understanding what LOAD whatever sounds into KONTAKT meant. I think I finally got it when I decided to use the Giga studio versions of the sound sets instead of the sound font versions.

In Sibelius, I couldn't hear the sounds at all. I have Sibelius 3 so I changed the txt file to SET. Was that a no no? so I am totally confused to what to do there.....I have KONTAKT PLAYER SILVER and am getting the GOLD verision but I had that shut off. I had MAPLE MIDI open. I am also confused there. Does it just need to be open and the settings set? Or does anything need to be loaded there?

Finally, in Finale 2003, I was able to hear snare sounds and Cymbal sounds when I did SPEEDY ENTRY, but could not hear tenor sounds during the SPEEDY ENTRY. And i couldn't even find the bass drum keys.

I would really appreciate some help. I would much rather use Sibelius, since my whole winter drumline show is already written on If someone could shed some light on the subject, that would be SUPERFANTABULICIOUS!!!!!

Cassella, buddy? Any thoughts? LOL :lol: by the way....your program rocks. Thanks for offering it.. I cannot wait until your PIT version comes out....HURRY!!!! :D

In Sibelius, have you clicked the "reset sounds" button in the MIXER window? This is vital since the Sibelius template or Spice Mon demo will not contain your computer's specific MIDI settings.

Kontakt Player Silver (or Gold) will not load in third-party samples, so you can ignore those settings.

Here's a procedure you can try to see if you have any more luck:

1) If Sibelius is currently open, exit the program.

2) Maple MIDI Tools is important because it creates a connection between your Notation program (sibelius) and your Sample program (Kontakt). Open MAPLE first, and in its "Midi Settings" window, click the button that says, "accept input from sequencer or scoring program" then click "OK." Keep Maple running in the background.

3.) Open up Kontakt and load each of your desired Virtual Drumline Samples and assign them to apporpriate (and unique) channels (ie: channel 1 = snares, channel 2 = tenors, etc.)

4.) Also in Kontakt, set your MIDI settings (in the "system" menu) so that "MarbleSound Midi Port 1" is the "Input." It's advised that you save this configuration for future use. Keep kontakt running in the background as well while you are working in Sibelius.

5.) Now open Sibelius and set up your MIDI settings (in the DEVICES window) so that the staves you wish to access the Virtual Drumline sounds are set to send MIDI output to "MarbleSound Midi Port 1." This is basically telling Sibelius to go out and access Kontakt.

6.) Open the "mixer" window. In this window, you'll want to ensure that each staff coordinates to the same channel that it was set to in Kontakt (i.e. snares= channel 1, tenors = channel 2, etc.).

Regardless of which notation program you use, it's crucial that all your midi settings are accurate. This means:
A-The notation program is accessing the right sample program/device
B-Each staff in your notation score is accurately configured to access the correct sample player AND midi channel. Some situations (if you are using GigaStudio or a SoundBlaster card) will require you to also pay attention to the program (instrument) number, as well as the MIDI bank number.

I hope this info helps give a better understanding of all the necessary configuration requirements. It may seem confusing when you are getting up and running, but once you're going with it, it's not so bad at all.

When you say Load your desired kontakt when I select the GIGA SAMPLER file I choose the preset? Or, do I select every single sample from the samples folder....lik left hit (channel 1), right hit (channel 1)?

I was able to hear the snares and cymbals when I type in the music in Speedy Entry but when it plays only plays back bass drum sounds.

I am using maple midi tools and MIDI MAN USB 61-key and KONTAKT...and Finale right now I guess
I got my sounds to work in Finale 2003. Now I just need to make them work in Sibelius 3. I just tried doing the MIDI SET UP - OK trick and that seemed to fix after a few times.
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