Audio HQ problem

OK, I got the Virtual Drumline onto my desktop, but when I opened the Audio HQ for my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 card, I saw that only the devices and EAX icons were there. I have no soundfont icon, and I've run the full installation from the CD and all. Anyone know what I'm supposed to do now? I've been here for hours trying everything possible to no avail and have also emailed Creative's support people.


Bob Blomberg

That's strange. With a full install of the SoundBlaster software, you should have the following components of AudioHQ:

Device Controls
EAX Control Panel

My first suggestion would be to try UNinstalling the Creative Labs software, then try RE-installing it again. I hope you've heard back from Creative by now. Definitely sounds like a question for them.

You might also try downloading the installer/drivers from here:

Thanks for the reply, Adam. Stupid me, the soundcard I purchased must be a little newer, or something. The Soundfont Band Manager is where you load soundfonts with this Audigy 2 card. I couldn't figure out how to get the library in there until a guy from Creative told me to click on the word "Bank" to bring down that window. Bingo--worked like a charm. I still don't remember seeing that anywhere in the manual, though. Now to plug in the keyboard and start learning.

Thanks again,

Bob Blomberg
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