Does VD work with Sibelius 3?

Does it work with Sibelius 3? There is that one txt file that you are supposed to put into the sounds folder of Sibelius 2. I have Sib. 3 and all the files in the sounds folder of Sib. 3 are SET format. Can I rename the file type? Or should I leave it as a TXT format?

AND....if this works....when you make an mp3 of your file will the virtual drumline samples be heard? or will it be those midi samples.

-Scott Hirsch
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VDrumline sounds will work with a variety of MIDI applications, including Sibelius 3. The "sounds set" file that comes with Vdrumline won't be applicable to Sibelius 3 since I believe Sib3's sound sets are formatted differently.

The good news is that the sound sets were really not essential anyway. They weren't even really needed in Sibelius 2, but were more there as a convenience. You may have noticed (if the sound set is NOT loaded) that if you set your program number to a certain value, the GM menu displays an instrument that may lead you to believe you won't hear a drumline sound. If that is the case, simply ignore it. With these types of MIDI situations, it's best to just ignore GM as we're sort of choosing to bypass the homogenization of GM in this case.

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