I was wondering if someone could help me out with some issues I am having?

Here are My specs:

1.) 1.7ghz, 512MB RAM laptop
5.) and I m using some gigastudio files through Kontakt.

What happens is that when I am playing some of the mallet sampels I have notes get cut out and do not play, or it sounds like a broken record.

1.) Could i may be sending too much info through kontakt and MAPLE MIDI?

2.) Might I not have enough physical memory? KONTAKT always says while I load some of the patches, that my "physical memory is low and may cause problems if i continue." Is this the problem? Should I install another 384 into my laptop? I just defragmented and that didnt help.

Thanks for your insight.

It's hard to say for sure. It's probably a good bet on the memory issue though. You might want to look into Kontakt's ability to stream directly from the disk which I think may lighten the load on your memory configuration, but no matter what, more memory is always a good thing. If you have several instruments loaded, and their fairly large, I could see this potentially having limitations. Especially if you're getting warnings from Kontakt.

If you can afford it, add another 512MB so you'll be running a gig of memory. You may also check with the support folks at Native Instruments, and they could have some suggestions for you.

Thanks. I bought a new 512raM, 2.6ghz computer yesterday and I am going to see if that will help. I am going to purchase another 512ram to add to it. Hopefully that will take away some of the audio gaps I am having, etc.


-Scott Hirsch
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