Sound Set issue

Just received the sound font library in the mail, but not having any luck getting Virtual Drumline to show up in the "Sound Set" window of the Sibelius Devices menu.

I have the sound font library loaded into bank 001, and I'm using an external SoundBlaster Audigy card. Any advice?
Nevermind, found my answer. :oops:
Hey if anyone has an answer for that it would be great!!! I can't get the virtual drumline sound font to show up in sibeluis so any help is welcome!


The Sibelius SOUND SETS that come on the Virtual Drumline CD are only compatible with Sibelius 2. The new Sibelius 3 soundsets for Virtual Drumline are almost ready, and will be posted on the tapspace website as soon as they are.

Are you using Sibelius 3?

Also, you don't NEED to have the sound sets installed in order to use Virtual Drumline. Sound Sets are really more of a convenience tool for assigning instruments. You can do all this manually in the mixer window and accomplish the same thing as what the sound sets.

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