Virtual Drumline Template Issues in Sibelius 3

It doesn't seem to work quite right. THe sounds don't appear to be assigned to the correct locations on the staff in Sibelius 3. Any help?


I'm not sure I understand your question. We haven't seen any problems with the template in Sibelius 3. Can you describe precisely what incorrect behaviour you are seeing?

It may be worth noting here too, that VDrumline was programmed and mapped across the keyboard for notes to be easily input with a MIDI keyboard. If you are pointing and clicking with your mouse, you're likely to get strange results.

Well, I thought it was because I was inputting it with the mouse, but when I opened up the demo of 'Spice Mon' (the one that works), the unison bass line was not triggering the sample at all. Any time there was a bass unison written, there was no sound whatsoever from the bassline.
The unison bass drum hits are located on D-natural (left hand) and D-sharp (right hand). If you are trying to click on the staff on the B-line, you won't achieve the proper results. It's definietly recommended that you input your notes using a MIDI keyboard, so there's no confusion as to what pitch (sound/notehead) you are asking to be entered.

If you haven't altered the "spice mon" file in any way, you should still hear those BD unisons playing back properly. If you've altered their pitches at any point, there's a very good chance they won't work - even if the notehead still appears correct.
I havent altered the file at all. But, I will check to see if something is fishy in the sound setup.
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