Can't load full library

For some reason I can't load the full library. I've loaded up the medium right now, and didn't have any problems. But when I load the full i get "Unexpected error".

Forgot to mention: I'm using a soundblaster Audigy with the soundfont cache set 128mb.

How much memory do you have in your computer? Are there other SoundFont banks loaded into different banks? Setting the cache at 128MB seems like it would do the trick, but if you have other items loaded into your soundcard (in different banks), I could see where that might pose a problem. Also, are there other programs running? If your memory is getting low, perhaps that might cause a problem.

It might seem like a hassle, but you might also consider re-installing the Audigy software. You can download the latest versions at:

It might also be worth a call to Creative Labs tech support. If you decide to call them, be sure to tell them that you are attempting to load a soundfont bank of 107MB into your Audigy card. Let us know if you hear any other ideas or find the solution. Sounds like a strange problem...

Meant to get back here sooner. I updated the Audigy drivers and that did the trick. Thanks!
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