Virtual Drumline

Two questions:

I know with this product you can create realistic sounds, etc., but is the score you create also publishable, i.e. I can put a chart into Finale using VD and it will sound realistic as well as look professional? I won't have to clean it up to present it to the bands that are my clients?

Also, the Ramrod clip on the audition packets....I am assuming that is VD? It sounds great!

Thanks! (Tapspace kicks buttt! :twisted: )

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You'd actually enter your music directly into Finale with speedy entry, typing in the pitches with your MIDI keyboard. We've created a Finale template that is already pre-formatted to our keymaps. So while you're entering your notes in various places all over the keyboard, they'll still display in an appropriate staff line/space, with appropriate noteheads. So...yes. Your score will be in a nice printable quality.

Yes - the "ramrod" clip from the SCV audition packets is a snippet from the SCV show in 2003 using some sounds from the VDrumline library.

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