Combining sound sources

I am running Finale 2004 and pulling VD samples from Kontakt. I would like to be able to simultaneously pull the onboard Finale samples (for mallets and horns in particular) for playback in addition to the battery sounds in Kontakt. Is this possible or do all sounds have to be from the same source? Thanks.
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This is definitely possible. The trick is to be sure that your VDrumline sounds are playing back from one midi device (in this case Kontakt), while the mallet/brass sounds are playing back from another (wherever you get your other sounds from). This is setup mainly from the "instrument list" window in Finale. You may also have to use the "midi setup" window in Finale so it knows you intend to access multiple devices from the same score.

For sound card users looking to accomplish the same task, you'd load your VDrumline soundfont into "bank 001" (leaving bank 000 reserved for the onboard GM sounds). Then you'd simply have wind/mallet staves playback from bank 000, and batter staves playback from bank 001. Again, this is all configurable via Finale's 'instrument list' window.

Hope this helps!
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