Sound Blaster and Kontakt

I only have Sound Blaster Live but not Sound Blaster Audigy, so is it not possible to load the drumline sounds through that? Also, I only have the Konakt player which came with sibelius 3 and not the actual Kontakt program itself. If neither of these work to load the drumline sounds on, what would program would you recommend I get (one that works but isn't too much on the expensive side)?
The SoundBlaster Live card should work to load soundfonts. You'd load them through the AudioHQ Control Panel on your PC. If you go into that, you should see a "soundfonts" icon, which is where you go to do all the loading/unloading of soundfonts into the soundcard itself.

The new "Kontakt Player Silver" that comes with Sibelius3 is a nice upgrade from the GM sounds found on your soundcard, however it is not able to load in any third party samples. You get what they give you. If you want to expand the possibilities, I'd suggest you check out KOMPAKT (also by Native Instruments). It's much less expensive than Kontakt, but should be able to accomplish much of what you'd use that for.

If you were looking to get started with Virtual Drumline sounds right away, the quickest, most cost-effective method would be to simply load them into your current SoundBlaster Live card. If you wanted to upgrade to Kompakt later, you could always do that, and use the Gigastudio formatted sounds on our CD.

Hope this helps!
Hey Adam,
The problem is, I saw on the help forum from Tap Space how you can go into your audio HQ control panel and load the sounds in from there, but on my control panel there is nothing that says, "AudioHQ". Also, the sound blaster Live has "Creative audio" with it. There was a disk of "Sound Blaster Live" that came with this computer so is there something that I'm missing? So in case there's any confusion let me tell you what I'm working with: Sound Blaster Live software came with this computer and I don't see anything that says, "AudioHQ" on my control panel. So if you can, please help me figure this out.
Is there any possible way to get these samples loaded through Sound Blast Live (although this software came with the computer and there is no "audio HQ" in the control panel)? Or is there someway to get these sounds loaded through cakewalk (but i do have an older version of cakewalk)? Or will I just have to go purchase an updated audio software program that can handle these soundfonts? Someone please help me out, I'm over here pullin my hair out trying to get this to work! :(
I'm not sure where AudioHQ would be for you. Perhaps the installer for the SBLive is different from some of Creative's higher-end cards. Try checking in your "program files" folder, or perhaps do a search for "creative" or "sblive" or "soundblaster" on your PC. If all else fails, you could contact Creative Labs' tech support, and ask them how to load soundfonts into your SBLive card.

Or you might try downloading the most up-to-date software from

If you determine that it's NOT going to work with your current soundcard, check out a program called KOMPAKT by Native Instruments. You can get it for $99 (if you are a student or teacher) at Tap Space is going to be selling Kompakt soon too, but probably won't have the academic discount pricing.

FYI, the Kontakt Player that's included with Sibelius 3 doesn't allow you to load in third-party samples, so with that, you can only use the sounds that come with it.

Hope this helps,
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