Puffies (Rolls)

I can't seem to find puffy rolls on the full soundfont version of VD. Also, when I open the full version in Reasn 2.5, I notice a significant amount of sounds that aren't on the the keymaps. Why is that?


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Hi Robbie. Actually, there aren't any puffy rolls included in the library. That's one area we didn't elaborate on, but when you play back the "regular" rolls in the mix of an overall score, I think you'll find it's a minor detail.

Regarding the keymaps, be sure you are referring to the FULL KEYMAPS diagrams if you are using the FULL soundfont. There are actually three diagrams of keymaps which all reflect the layouts on their accompanying soundfont versions (small, medium, full). The FULL keymap diagrams are located on pages 26-29 in the helpfile PDF. I recommend printing them out for easy access.
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