Which Version, Soundfont or Giga

I use a Mac Laptop G4 currently with System 9.2, Dig Perf 3.1, and Kontact.
Which version should I order?
I will be upgrading soon to OSX, but have not yet.

I have the VSL Perc disk in Giga format, and have found it to be a little clunky.

Also, what is bit rate of the Soundfont files?

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Use the Gigastudio format. It'll allow you to use the mod wheel to switch certain sounds (i.e. tenors to puffies, decres buzzes to cresc. buzzes, etc), which the soundfonts will not allow you to do. Also the Gigastudio files are in stereo whereas the soundfonts are mono wavs.

Both the Giga and Soundfont versions are included on the VDrumline CD.

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