Sounds (cut out)


When I am writing something with limited instrumentation, sounds will "cut out" at certain points, usually when something is written in unison. Also, when I am writing something with a full battery and pit score, it will play back about 5 of the instruments about 35% of each measure. I use Reason 2.5 with Finale 2003 and Maple midi tools on windows XP. I have 768 mb of RAM on my Dell laptop, I don't think it is memory. What would you suggest? Thanks,

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Not sure about this one, and haven't really heard of these types of issues before. Have you checked with the support folks from Propellerheads (manufacturers of Reason)? Perhaps there are some Audio settings that could be adjusted to help alleviate this. Let us know if you find any solutions. We'll chime in if any new ideas come to mind...
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