Finale 2002b help please?

To anyone who can help please:

I have Finale 2002b on a windows XP machine. I recently purchased an Edirol USB Midi Keyboard/Controller.

Whenever I try to use speedy entry I hear the notes I'm playing but no notes are being "notated" on the staves. I have selected use "midi keyboard" in the speedy menu.

Also, where do I find the "Internal Speaker Playback" option in 2002? I have loaded extra sound samples and I can hear them, but at the same time I hear general piano sounds over them...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


David Killinger
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This may be better directed to the folks at Finale's tech support, but I believe the "internal speaker playback" option is in the OPTIONS menu in Finale 2002. They logically moved it to the MIDI menu in version 2003. Not sure about 2004.

You might need to set the Edirol as your "input device" in the Midi Setup window. This is of course assuming you've successfully loaded the edirol drivers that likely came with the keyboard.

Hope this helps.
Merry Christmas!
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