Here are the VD Sounds.

Jim, here are the VD sounds for the Left and Right hit for Snare, Tenor, and BD. I use Finale 2003 and Sound Blaster Live.

[url] Sounds.wav[/url]

Brian T
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Brian- Thanks for going to the trouble of making that recording to illustrate your point. Actually, in listening to your demo, it all sounds fairly normal to me. True, all the hands aren't completely even from RH to LH, but that's sort of the point of using right and left hand samples.

It's also important to realize that these sounds will vary greatly depending on the velocity that you attack them. Each note has a variety of samples mapped to it depending on how hard the key is struck (or how high velocity is calculated via MIDI sequencer). So if there are certain sounds that aren't quite to your liking, they may only occur in a cerain velocity range. This is frequently a little confusing to newer users, but tapping on one key of the keyboard at different velocities doesn't just a softer or louder version of the same recorded sample. There are several mapped to each note. So if RH and LH velocities aren't entered consistently, there's a good chance they won't sound consistent on output either.

As rudimental drummers, we always strive for perfection hand-to-hand, but rarely does that exist in reality, so these inconsistencies actually help to communicate realism (in my opinion). Besides, any of these slight variables become fairly unnoticeable in the full scope of a score playback with other voices, so it hasn't bothered me much in my experience.

This doesn't mean we won't continue to improve upon our recording/programming methods in future libraries. Just trying to give you some of my thoughts on where we were coming from with the library.

thanks again,
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