SoundBlaster Live!

Has anyone had experience with setting up VD on a SoundBlast Live card? I don't see an AudioHQ file, so I can't load the audio files onto my sound card. Thanks
I'm currently using the Gigastudio samples loaded into Kontact on my laptop. However, I'll be attempting to load the Soundfont version into my desktop in the next few days, so I'll let you know what I find.

In the meantime, you could try downloading the Kontact demo version from and load the Gigastudio samples into it, just so you can get some playback happening after making this investment. You may need to download a (free) utility called 'maple midi tools' to get your notation program and Kontact to talk to each other.

Hopefully I'll be back with some help later,
The soundblaster Live! cards are only supported up to 32 MB of soundfonts. This means, if you delete the onboard synth files, you can fit only the VD small soundfonts. I originally used the Live 5.1 card and once I discovered its shortcomings, returned it to the store and invested in the Audigy 2zs card. The Audigy cards are limited only by the amount of ram available on your computer. hope this helps!
-Dave Rochau
Madison Scouts
I just want to know if the SB live 5.1 is useless I got a good computer a pentium 4. You just got me scared with this soundcard. so what your trying to say is that I won't be able to hear anysounds on finale or sibelius. CUz I been trying to put this sounds but I don't know how for like for ever. IM computer ileterate you might say. ANyways I berly bought this sound card at Fry's what shoud I do?
Creative Labs makes a wide variety of soundblaster cards. It's important that the card you're trying to use is SOUNDFONT COMPATIBLE. If you aren't sure, check with Creative Labs.

I do however think that the Soundblaster Live 5.1 is supposed to have soundfont support. Soundfonts are loaded and managed through the AudioHQ application that is installed with your soundblaster drivers and software.

For a good general overview of loading soundfonts with a soundblaster card, check out the quicktime video here:

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