‘Edit Staff Types’ notes produces generic sounds

I’m using Sibelius 3.1, WinXP, Audigy 2

When I go into Sibelius’ ‘Edit Staff Types’ (from House Style menu) and click on any of the Virtual Drumline noteheads, all I hear are generic (‘standard’) percussion sounds from the sound card.

This wasn’t happening when I was using Sibelius 2.11 and it doesn’t currently occur with any of the other instruments available in ‘Edit Staff Types’. Consequently, my assumption is that it may just be an issue related to Sibelius 3.

Unfortunately, I can’t just make this easy and say, “after applying the update, the problem occurred”. This is because, prior to installing the Sibelius 3 upgrade, I had reformatted my hard drive and installed all programs from scratch (something I do every 12 to 18 months). So maybe I just set up something wrong. Everything else with Sibelius and the VD sound fonts is working just fine.

Since using the keyboard and mouse to input music generally suits my particular needs just fine, on occasion I may need to refer to ‘Edit Staff Types’ to easily find a certain sound and its corresponding notehead.

I was just wondering if this is something anyone else has discovered with Sibelius 3 and Virtual Drumline.
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I've noticed the same thing since switching to Sibelius 3. I also figure it's just something different about the new Sibelius version. I suggest writing to them and informing them of the problem as well. If more people mention these sorts of bugs, they're more likely to address them. In version 3.1, they have improved the notehead menu here, but the sounds still playback as the generic sounds, and I haven't been able to figure out a way around that yet.

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