Keyboard Entry Help!!

This is going to probably sound like a stupid question but...I just recently got a midi keyboard(for Christmas)..I have it hooked up to my computer..but i can figure out how to enter notes in Finale with it and then get the Virtual Drumline playback..I have read through the finale 2003 manual but i cannot figure it out....I know explain this would probably take a lil time but if any would do it...I wold greatly appreciate it....
Does using a keyboard make ur sounds sound better? So far I have been just using a percussion map i made...

Have you downloaded the preformatted Finale template from the Tap Space website? It includes staves that are mapped for Finale users that will allow you to utilize your new MIDI keyboard for input, so that you get both the correct notehead and sounds for playback.
Depending on which sample format you are using (Soundfont or Gigastudio), choose the appropriate keymaps from your .pdf help file on the VDrumline disk. I printed mine, because it takes me forever to learn them.

Here is the link:
It is for Finale 2002 or later.

I doubt your keyboard will make your sounds any better, but your playback may be more accurate because you're entering the exact sound you intend to write.

Let me know if this helps,

Hey...Thanks It works...The only thting that dont work is when i use my keyboard on Cymbals some of the notes will not playback..Like if I push a "zing" notation it will put a note on screen but wont have the playback..I checked to make sure that it was selected and it was but it wont playback
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