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Ok, here's the deal: I'm using Finale 2k3, I've got the samples loaded on the soundcard, I've got my MIDIman 1x1 device installed, and I've got my keyboard (that I already had). I got to the part in the tutorial where it tells you to put in the little 16th note RLRL pattern, but when I do it... no notes appear. Now, this could be for several reasons so I'll spit some out (including stupidity...): I'm 90% sure it's because I haven't set any MIDI input device in the MIDI setup, but when I try to it won't list any inputs to choose from even though I've installed the MIDI device and drivers. If anyone can clue me in... that'd be fantastic. Thanks

Ryan Johnson
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This may or may not be the issue, but if you're using "speedy note entry" in Finale, I think there might be an option in the "speedy" menu for using a MIDI keyboard that you'll want to have selected.

If you aren't seeing any choices for your input device, you may want to check and make sure you've installed the latest drivers for your MIDIman. I'm a mac user, so I'm not sure how those drivers interface in a PC setting, but once you've installed the drivers, you might also need to configure your MIDI setup in whatever MIDI utility your computer uses. In Mac OSX it's a program called "audio midi setup" in the "utilities" folder within the "applications" folder. This is where midi/audio drivers are configured. I'm sure windows has a similar environment to configure such devices.

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