VD and Sibelius 3 Problems


I am currently using Sibelius 3, Soundblaster Audigy2ZS, and the Oxygen 8 controller.

I have loaded the text file into the Sibelius Sounds folder, but from reading other posts, I guess this is not necessary because of the text/SET file types? The main problem is that I cannot find Virtual Drumline in any of the sound sets under Sibelius Play/Devices. If I ignore this and go right to the mixer in Sibelius, I cannot find any VD sound fonts in their either, for example, SCV Snare is not in their.

Please help! I have no idea what to do.


Have you tried clicking on 'Find New Devices' in the Sibelius Devices window?

When you open the VDrumline template, try clicking on 'Reset Sounds' in the mixer window, and then look for VDrumline in the device pull-down. You'll have to assign each instrument separately by highlighting it on the left.

Let me know if this helps,


I have clicked "Find New Devices." I have followed all of the directions in the VD printout, but VD does not appear as an option. I also clicked on the "Reset Sounds" and VD never appears as an option in the pull-down menu. This is why I am frustrated. Thanks for trying.

I am having the same problem. I am using Sibelius 3 with MIDI Patchbay and Kompakt in OS X Jaguar. I put the VirtualDrumline.txt file in the sounds folder and restarted Sibelius. The option for Virtual Drumline still does not appear from the dropdown box. I have it set to General MIDI right now and the mixer has the instruments listed as a standard drum set. All of the channels are set up correctly as well as the other software. When I play Spice Mon I hear the music but I don't think that all the sounds are correct... (puffies when they aren't used?).

How do I get Virtual Drumline as a choice in the dropdown box in the devices window? Can someone upload a sound set file that works?

i am having the same problem as well. im not able to bring up the virtual drumline sound sets up in the mixer. When i look in the sounds folder of sibelius 3 i see the virtual drumline text file but all of the other files have different icons that say set. is there a template available for sibelius 3? can you please help with this problem.

This actually has nothing to do with using the "find new devices" or "reset sounds" options in Sibelius. The problem is this. Sibelius 3 now uses a different file format to create these sound sets. It used to be a simple .txt file, and now uses the .set extension with a different protocol in the body of the 'code.'

TapSpace hasn't yet created a .set version of the sound set, but there is a simple workaround for now.

The secret is: you don't actually NEED to use the sound set to get Sibelius to interract with your soundblaster card. All you really need to do is manually enter in the correct values into the fields in the "mixer" window.

Here's what is mandatory for each staff (in the mixer window):

DEVICE: Set this to your soundblaster card. If you're not exactly sure what this is, go into AudioHQ->SoundFont->Options and see what it says for "SoundFont Device". It's crucial that this device matches with your selection in the "device" pulldown menu in the mixer window.

BANK HIGH: Set this to the bank where you've loaded your soundfont bank in AudioHQ. If you aren't sure which bank you loaded it into, go to AudioHQ->SoundFont->Configure Bank and open the "select bank" pulldown menu. I loaded my soundfont into bank 001 in AudioHQ, so I'd enter "1" for the BANK HIGH field in the Sibelius mixer. You can ignore the "bank low" field.

Snares = Channel 1
Tenors = Channel 2
Bass - Channel 3
Cyms = Channel 4

PROGRAM (enter these values for each staff):
Snares = 0
Tenors = 1
Basses = 5
Cymbals = 7

If you correctly enter in all these variables, it works like a charm. Just ignore whatever it says (if anything) in the "sound" popup menu. Let me know if it works for you.

works great!
Jim, it helped me to recover my sound fonts to at least hear what I'd intended. You commented that TapSpace has yet to create sound sets. I wanted Sibelius 3.1 to burn CDs of parts (teaching tool) and don't seem able to do that without using Kontakt.

Will sound sets be coming soon? Or is there a way that I can burn CDs in Sibelius 3.1 without going to Kontakt or some similar tool (man, this gets confusing). . . .

Keep in mind KONTAKT PLAYER SILVER (for sibelius) is something completely different than KONTAKT (or KOMPAKT which is also a different program). Confusing...yes. :?

You won't be able to record your virtual drumline samples with Sibelius's "record to CD" feature, because that will only apply toward sounds that are included within it's Kontakt Player (silver or gold) module.

The ideal solution is to use a multi-track sequencing/recording program such as logic, but if you don't want to spend that kind of money, look into a freeware program that will record all outgoing sound from your computer. I believe there's one called "#1 Sound Recorder" for Windows which is available as shareware at http://www.versiontracker.com.

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