VD on a PC with Sibelius 3

Ok... Don't know if any of you are doing this yet :). I personally am running VD on my Mac with Panther. However, after purchasing an Oxygen 8 for a friend for Christmas (and completing his hardware and software needs to run VD) I am nominated to make it all work :).

So here is what I have:

1) Virtual Drumline
2) Sibelius 3 running on a PC
3) Oxygen 8 USB MIDI keyboard

Do we need anything else, and if not does anyone have instructions on how to set this all up? Thanks in advance!

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There are two ways you can run VDrumline with that equipment, using the two DIFFERENT sample formats included in the VDrumline software.

1) If the PC has a SoundBlaster Live! or similar sound card, you couls simply load the Soundfont samples into the card, and play them back from there. This would require no addional software.
If you proceed through the help file instructions or tutorial and this does not work, you could go to option

2) Which requires the purchase of a program called Kompakt, made by Native Instruments. This program takes the place of a soundcard; you would load the Gigastudio samples into this. This program is available from www.academicsuperstore.com for $99 if you or your friend is a student or teacher. They will require proof of your affiliation with an educational institution.

Detailed instructions for both of these methods are included in the .pdf file on the VDrumline disc, and there are tutorials on the website. If you post your friend's system specs, I could give more detailed instructions.

Hope this helps,

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