anyone else?

I finally (because I'm not smart) got the sounds to work correctly in the Finale template, BUT... I have added other staves to the "score" and everytime I open this "new" template, all the drum staves have piano sounds. I find that if I open the original template (after mapping each instrument a few times a while ago) AND THEN the "new" template (not altering any instrument maps) is the only time I can get the VD sounds.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It took me a while to get the mappings correct in the Original VD Template from tapspace but it does work. So I saved that, and now I have to open this before anything else to get any other template to "sound" correct.

Have you loaded the Virtual drumline Bank in your Instrument list to show Finale where to access the sounds from?
A few things to check in Finale:

Your sample playback device is properly listed for the battery channels in the "midi setup" window.

If you're using the soundfont version of VDrumline, be sure the proper bank AND program numbers are set in the "instrument list" window.

Be sure the "internal speaker playback" option isn't selected.
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