Spice Mon in Finale?

Im a Finale User and I was wondering if there is anyone that i could get the music to the "spice mon" cadence that came for sib. on the Virtual Drumline Cd?
Right now, "Spice Mon" is only available in Sibelius format. I'd like to say I'd be able to convert it over to Finale, but I'm afraid this would take more time than I'd be able to afford. If anyone's interested in converting a midi file over to Finale then cleaning up all the notation, let us know! :)

Sibelius will open Finale files, but unfortunately Finale won't open Sibelius files.

if anyone can send me a pdf (or an image file) of it i can enter it through finale
...or you can download the sibelius demo and convert it to finale....
-Dave Rochau
Madison Scouts
The demo won't let you save.
btw, I also tried saving in sibelius 2 format from sibelius 3 (not the demo) and the staff type settings for the midi weren't exactly preserved. someone will have to do the dirty work and enter the piece into finale.
like i sed
[quote="bassplate"]if anyone can send me a pdf (or an image file) of it i can enter it through finale[/quote]
thanx to lauren siple for sending me the pdf, im gettin ready for work right so ill start working on it later, i should have it done by tomarow
ok so ive got the snare and tenor parts done, my notation is a little different from whats in the original
i got a couple "?"s though on some of the notations

for snare:
the 6th bar of "A", is that roll supposed to "speed up" or be all the same speed?
through out "C" there are dots above some of the notes, what do those mean?
in the second bar of "D" there's a note above the center line, is that a ping shot?

for tenors:
same thing with the roll in the 6th bar of "A" & the sticking seems really awkward in the first 2 counts of that bar
the bar before "A" there's 2 counts of 16th notes that are notated as "xxxxxxxx", what sound is that sposed to be?
is the "SC" in the 9th bar of "D" a stick click?

that flam/crush in the fourth bar & the 5th bar of "A"?
is the add on the bar before "C" sposed to start on bass 1 or 2?
in the 2nd to last bar, do the dots over the bass 5 part mean to muffle?

i think i have it all figured for these :D im write it for 5 though
update, as soon as someone can fill my in on the info i rrquested ^^^^ itll be done

First off...you rock for doing the dirty work here. Thanks!
Secondly, I'll get back to you on your questions shortly. I'll need to go back into this one and just check into a couple things to be sure I'm tracking you. I'll be in touch via email.

thanks dude,
Dude ur awesome, so are you going to let whoever wants a copy, get a copy, if so I diffenenly wnat one..

Thanks man

Jordan Williams
Lee County High School
Percussion Arranger
Jim: i dont mind doin the "dirty work" work at all, i might sound like a big dork, but its been pretty fun

Jordan: yeah, as long as it's cool with Jim(it is his composition), i was gonna post it at [url]http://www.percussioncommunity.com/talk/[/url]
Sounds Good
Hi Guys,

Actually, I'd prefer to NOT post the "Spice Mon" file for non-VDrumline users. I'm happy to send the Finale file to any Finale users who own the Virtual Drumline sound library, but other than that, the cadence won't be available for the general public yet. Any Finale users who own the library may simply email TapSpace directly for a copy of the demo notation file.

thanks for your understanding.
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