Front Ensemble Sounds

Is there any Front Ensembe Sounds out there? The standard mallets are ok but I am looking for a concert bass drum and gong...etc. If any body knows of a program let me know. Thanks,
The DS Soundware libraries and London Orch Percussion libraries are the best thing going for this sort of thing, and if you're interested in making the investment in theses gigastudio libraries, I highly recommend them!

Later this year, Tap Space will release a follow-up to Virtual Drumline that will include a huge collection of these sorts of sounds (and then some!). Stay tuned...

There are a couple of online stores I prefer, both places are very helpful in answering your questions. and

Gabe Cobas
Where do you get it?
I use gigastudio and use the DS Soundware orchestral percussion and marimba/vibes. Those two work well, there are good bass drum and cymbal samples. Only problem is that there is no gong or concert toms. If you want the full gamut, you have to get the London Orchestral Percussion samples. That library will run you around $400.

I made the switch to gigasampler about a year ago and love it. The money is worth the quality playback for serious arrangers.

Gabe Cobas
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