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I have the virtual drumline soundfonts installed on my soundblaster audigy 2zs soundcard, but when I enter notes in Finale '02 with my MIDI keyboard, I only hear the snare voice. What's strange is that during playback, everything sounds fine, I hear the snare, tenor and bass voices. If I go into the soundfont menu, select one of the virtual drumline keymaps (tenor 1 full for instance) and use the virtual keyboard, it sounds fine, but if I use my MIDI keyboard, I get a mix of snare and whatever sound I've chosen. I've read through the forum, but haven't found the solution to my problem. Any help a more computer literate person than I could offer would be much appreciated.

Matt Arnet
This might have something to do with how you have Finale's "Midi Setup" configured. The midi-in may make a difference in how the note input responds. It should be set to your MIDI Keyboard (or its driver), rather than your soundcard (which should be used for midi-OUT).

hope this might help,
Make sure your soundcard isn't using your keyboard as a MIDI input.
Thanks for replying, but after trying both of your suggestions, I end up with the same thing. For some reason, Finale is defaulting the input sound to what ever is in the top stave. I noticed that when I was using my MIDI board to edit some old material earlier today, the input sound was always the "woodblock" that I had used for snare. Like with the virtual drumline thing, the playback was correct, but the input sounds were off. I figure it must be a preference within Finale, but I can't seem to find the problem. I've been up and down the Finale manual over and over and can't quite get it.

Matt Arnet
I have the exact same setup and had similar issues. The solution for me was to go into the percussion map and make finale "listen" to one note from each staff (For example, go into your percussion map and have finale listen to C5 and then press C5). After many hours of frustration I got this solution from the hard to locate finale support staff. Hope this helps, lemme know if it doesn't...
-Dave Rochau

That did it! Thank you very much for your assistance. All I had to do was set MIDI thru to smart and then do as you said. Now I can finally fully utilize VD.

Matt Arnet
No problem man, glad I could be of assistance. Good luck with your writing. With the setup we have, you can shape all of your notes with the midi tool, but you have to do them individually, if you find a faster way to shape the note sounds let me know.
-Dave Rochau
Madison Scouts
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