VD Snare and Tenor problem

Someone please HELP!
I'm using the Oxygen 8 midi keyboard and have the basses and cymbals working fine. Whenever I try to enter something in the snare or tenor staff all I get is a long vertical stem regardless of which pitch or rhythm I select. I also get no snare or tenor sounds on the playback. I do get the proper sounds from the Oxygen 8 as I enter them. I guess it would help to know that I am using Finale 2002. Also am using the template from Tapspace. I checked the font being used on both the snare and tenor staves and they are set the same as bass and cymbal which are working fine.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Chris. . .buy Sibelius. . . :lol: :twisted:

sounds like you have your keyboard hooked up, but you have not selected input with midi keyboard. make sure you have a check mark next to "input with midi keyboard"

You may want to try re-downloading the Finale template from the tapspace site. It sounds like something is screwy in your percussion map (in the finale file).

Yes, I can hear all of the sounds when striking the keys on the midi controller. I just get the same kind of long stemmed note with a dash note head and no sound on playback
are you in the right octave on the midi controller?
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