Loading soundfonts?


I'm having trouble loading the soundfonts into my soundcard. When I load it into a bank, (bank 001 for example) I cant get the sounds to work when trying to play back in Sibelius. If i dont load it into a bank, and just load it directly on the same bank as the midi bank, the sounds come out fine. The problem is is that when playing piano sounds, it comes out sounding like drums. Where is the setting in Sibelius that I have to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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You need to set the BANK HIGH field (in Sibelius' mixer window) to bank 1 (if you loaded the soundfont bank into bank 001). You need to do this on each staff's settings (in the mixer window), otherwise, you'll only hear whatever's in bank 0. Also be sure to correctly set the correct program number here as well as making sure each staff has a uniquely assigned midi channel. Also double-check that the device (again for each staff) is set to the soundfont device where you've loaded your sounds.
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