Kontakt and midi winds - lagging

I'm using VD with kontakt and Finale - and I'm trying to play the drumline sounds and the winds at the same time but with no luck ... they are just not in synch....the drumline sounds are behind the winds...

What is the correct setup for this ? Is this possible?
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sounds like you're experiencing the joys of latency problems. not fun. This can happen when using two different devices at the same time. What you'll want to try doing is adjusting the latency settings between Kontakt, and whatever you're playing your wind sounds from.

Try going into Kontakt's AUDIO SETUP window and tweaking the Output Latency slider. Your other device (soundcard?) for the winds may also have a similar adjustment tool, but it depends on the device I think.

Another solution you might consider, is to simply download a General Midi Soundfont bank from the internet (you can find them for free with a google search). Using this, you can load other sounds into Konakt and simply play back all your sounds from there, which should certainly help.

If you're not already, I recommend you use the GIGA formatted Virtual Drumline samples if you're running Kontakt. Much more flexibility that way.

good luck!
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