Bass Mapping

Hey Adam! Instead of email, I decided to use this TapSpace forum to ask additional questions.

First, I have it working! And I'm having a great time. I'm still learning Sibelius, MIDI functions AND VD which makes the learning curve huge. But that's a personal deficiency. . .now to the issue/question.

I'm using the soundfont format. Virtual Drumline's BD mapping has bass 5 in "D" space of the staff, bass 4 in the "F" space, 3 in the "A" space and so forth. I used to write using the same format but had previously converted to make it easier for my players when a past staff member wrote a bunch of exercises using the "F" for bass 5. Can I re-map everthing to use the "F" for bass 5 without a lot of heartache?

Also, can I change the notes/tone to a deeper tone for bass drums to further separate from tenor voices?

Thanks. . .great tool. . .!!!

Steve Filippelli
CVHS Percussion Caption Head
Adam, I succeeded in remapping the bass voice. However, it's a bit cumbersome. I was hoping to be able to "select all" to remap in one move but you have to do so for each note on the staff. It's easy to get lost when you do this so what I did was focus on the main voice. I did not remap the buzzes etc.

Any way to overcome the selection one notehead at a time process?

Thanks again.
Thanks Adam. . .I'll give it a try when I get home tonight!!


Yes, there is a way to do this. What you'll need to do is go into the "Edit Staff Types" window in Sibelius (in the house styles menu) and select the currently mapped BD sounds and move them up so they'll display a third above where they currently reside.

Right now (for example), BD5 is input on F4 (left), and F#4 (right). You'd want the INPUT pitch and OUTPUT pitch to remain the same as the current map, but you'd want to move the "POSITION ON STAFF" to wherever you'd like to change them to. It's important to SELECT THE NOTE FIRST before altering its position on staff. Once you've selected the note, you'll see the input pitch/output pitch, which will tell you which pitch you are talking about. At this point, I'd advise against changing anything with the actual notehead itself.

hope this helps!

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