Kontakt 1.5 with Sibelius 3 and the Virtual DL

OK, so I am trying to get my system to work with these components.

I have a SoundBlaster 2 ZS Platinum Pro Soundcard with a P4 2.0 GHz processor w/512MB of RDRAM and 100GB HD.

I just purchased Kontakt 1.5, and I can't get things to work. I tried using the Maple Midi tools, but I keep getting the error of "A midi playback device cannot be used...blah blah blah" I followed the directions on how to get these 2 programs to work, but it doesn't fly. Any suggestions?

Ok, revised problem...

I fixed that error thing, it was having the midi in coming from Maple, i fixed that.

However, I am getting NO SOUND from Kontakt. Sibelius is telling Maple the midi commands and Maple is telling Kontakt the midi commands (the little midi connector icons flash when a note is supposed to play) but no sound is coming from the speakers. Suggestions?

Have you properly set your channels in Kontakt and set its output device? You need to tell Kontakt where to send its sound. Do this in the "soundcard" pane of the Setup window.

Also (sorry for the dumb comment, but just to be sure), check to make sure your speakers are powered on. The soundcard that they're plugged into should be the device you select from the output device settings in kontakt.

Well, the problem is solved. I appearently screwed up the install of Kontakt, so I reinstalled the bugger. That fixed the issue.

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