Kontakt Player (gold/silver) in Sibelius 3

We wanted to post this announcement to help clarify a common question about Sibelius 3 and the new "Kontakt Player Silver" software that comes bundled with it.

Sibelius partnered with Native Instruments to create this player which is a great new feature. However, this 'sibelius player' (silver or the gold edition which can be purchased as an upgrade) are not capable of loading/installing third party samples. You can view a listing of the instruments they give you at http://www.sibelius.com.

It should be noted also that the marching tenor and marching tonal bass drum samples included in the "gold sibelius player" were actually licensed from Tap Space Publications' "Virtual Drumline" library, however they only include one articulation per drum, and are limited in their velocity capabilities. This restriction is merely due to the fact that these sounds are a small part of a much larger DrumKit patch included with the gold player.

To use Virtual Drumline and it's various levels of power, you'll still need a sampler program (such as Kontakt or Kompakt). We now have these programs available from https://www.tapspace.com for discounted academic prices for students and educators.
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