Using VD in previously written scores.

So here's another question. I have no problem using VD now and actually am becoming more and more comfortable. But can I "import" the VD template to a score that has already been established?

Say, for example, our arranger completes a score and emails it to me. I open and save in Sibelius. How do I then import/use VD within his arrangment? :shock:
from what I know of VD, you would have to create a customized template for each score you input. The template supplied with the VD is specially designed for inputting using the sounds and the contrls from the midi controller. If all of the scores you are importing were created using the same controls, note assignments, etc... for the different staves, then I think it would be worthwhile. But for one score, you would be better off reentering it into the VD template, plus you will heighten your skills using the VD software.

Since the snare sound is a "C" on a GM standard set, you will not get a RH or LH hit through VD. On VD the RH/LH is G#/F#.

Make sense?

Hi Coby, thanks for the response. I do understand what you're saying but I don't think I did a good job of relating what I'm looking to do. Let me try again.

When my band arranger completes his part of the tune using either Sibelius or Finale (I don't know what he uses), he produces a score that will play in either tool. It won't have any battery parts and it's my turn. I want my percussion parts to play along with what he arranged by hitting the play button. So, in theory, I want my parts to be on the same score that he provided to me. If I enter notes on his score, I'll get the usual bizarre voices that are not marching band/drum corps related. I do want to use VD.

Is there a way that I can import the VD template into his Sibelius/Finale produced score so I can us the VD tool? Or will I have to continue to arrange battery parts separate from my arranger's scores and thereby hope to get lucky lining them up on separate playback devices?

Did I help explain it better?

OOOHH! Then yes! you can do that. I don't have my home computer infornt of me, I'm at work not working at the moment! Unless someone replies before me, I will let you know in a few hours when I get home. I apologize, your first post was clear but I think I confused it with another post or even another forum. What are the symptoms of ADD again?

Thanks Coby. . .I'm at work too and won't be able to check back until tomorrow. . .off to rehearsal I go!!
This is definitely possible (and preferable in my opinion!). I use Sibelilus and because my mappings can get fairly complex, I'll usually add the wind parts to my own score (above percussion), then simply copy and paste all the music from the wind arranger's score into my own. That way, I'm sure my mappings stay in tact. I know you can import/export house styles in Sibelius (which would include percussion maps...aka staff types), however i've not had enough time to mess with that to find the best way to achieve reliable results. Still, this is definitely a great way to write. It'll just be important to send your wind parts to the proper midi device, and the Vdrumline parts to its playback device if it's indeed different than where you generate wind sounds from.

Jim, thank you very much. And now that you explain the option, it makes perfect sense. Can't believe I didn't think of the reverse process myself but then, those who know me might confirm ability to make the simple complex!!

I will give it a try. Again, thanks.

Steve Filippelli
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