Flams in Sibelius 2.1!!

I am currently running Virtual Drumline with Sibelius 2 (and 2.1 add on) and I am having a good time with it. I have been looking for a way to make the flams sound tighter with less space in between the grace note and accent. I saw a posting of a way to change it on Sibelius 3, but saw that my version (Sibelius 2) didn't have the same options. Is there anyways way to make flams sounds tighter with Sibelius 2? Thanks for your help!
DrumTek - There's a very slow way to do this in Version 2.1 of Sibelius. Just click on the grace note and drag it over so that it's closer to the note it's attached to. That will make it tighter. In Sibelius 3, there's a great way to do this globally, but unfortunately it's not availble in version 2.1.

How do you do it globally in Sibelius 3?

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