Possible alternatives to Midi Keyboard...

Is there such a thing as a software midi keyboard that can use Finale's Speedy Note Entry? I'm strapped for cash, and I want to get VDL, but I don't think I have enough for VDL and a keyboard as well.
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Fuzzy - I don't know of an alternative. Mainly because to enter notes into Finale, you have to have Finale in the foreground (as the program you're entering notes into). By using a software keyboard (i'm not sure of any), Finale would be in the background.

Check https://www.tapspace.com this week for a lower priced alternative - the Keystation 49e from M-audio. It's 49 keys and only $99 (list price $129). If you add Virtual Drumline to that order (when adding keystation to shopping cart), you can get Vdrumline for $79 rather than $99. Not a bad deal...

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