Finale users - SAVE BIG MONEY if you switch to Sibelius

We'd like to mention a great offer for users of Finale, Mosaic, or Encore. If you are a registered user of one of these programs, and you're interested in switching to Sibelius, you can save $400 instantly!

Sibelius (list price $599) can be purchased as a "Competitive Upgrade" for Finale, Mosaic, or Encore users for $199. All you have to do is provide proof of your current ownership upon your Sibelius registration (users manual, disk). It's a very simple process. Same exact Sibelius software at a huge savings.

The Sibelius Competitive upgrade is available directly from Tap Space Publications at:

This is a good way to see why so many other Finale users have made the switch and never looked back!
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