Kompakt/Sibelius Freezing

Ok, so I've gotten Kompakt, downloaded the OS X version, set it up right, and started running it with Sibelius, but not any time I even click on a single note head, the computer completely freezes (which I'm actually sort of proud of in a weird way; I didn't think it was possible to freeze Panther). I would imagine it has something to do with a MIDI signal getting stuck in the IAC bus or something, since it now happens when Kompakt isn't even open. I'm not really good with this stuff, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


PS G4 Powerbook, 867, 640 RAM, OS 10.3.2
sorry about the typo; I meant "now every time. . ."
Never mind; I figured it out. Probably shouldn't have the IAC bus selected as an input device in the "Devices" menu while also being the output from Sibelius to Kompakt.
good call mattdave.

This one caught me offguard after I upgraded to Sib3, and took me a while to figure out. Indeed you don't want to have your input/output devices set to the same thing if you are using a software sampler as your playback device.

If you are just trying to playback, and don't have an input device attached, be sure to go to the DEVICE window, and de-select anything that may be selected (by clicking in an empty spot in that field). This should eliminate any of those nasty crashes.

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