Finale Question

Is there any Finale 2002 or above instruments for the document wizard? Like say I wanted to make a new document, and add pit stuff and the VD snare and VD other drums (through the wizard). Is there any way to do that? If not, how can I put other instruments with the VD things without really using the template?

It's really best to use the template because (behind the scenes) it contains all the mapping for the VDrumline keymaps. This means that when you enter a G#5 (for a RH snare hit), it'll actually play that note, while placing the note on the right staff line with the right notehead.

I'd suggest you use that, but then add staves to it. Otherwise you'd have to re-map the VDrumline staves each time you started a new score which would be a huge amount of time wasted.

i just made a new template by adding the pit staves, and band staves, to the VD template, and saved it as a new template
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